Maeser Updates: 14 August 2020

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Welcome to the 2020-21 School Year (Before Next Week, The First Day of School, Face Masks Required, Lunch Procedures, Lockers Not Available, Last Day for Schedule Changes, Carpool Procedures, Front Office Visits, Parent Handbook, Updated School Calendar), Fall Class Schedules, Class Supply Lists, Making Payments, Help Us Stay In Touch (Opt In For School Text Messages, Update Your Contact Information), Sports Announcements (Sports/Academic Eligibility, MS Cross Country, MS Baseball, Ultimate Frisbee), Maeser School Uniform Policy and Dress Code, Lands’ End School Uniform Sale (20% Off School Uniforms + 50% Off Backpacks)

Front Office Hours

NEW Pandemic Instructions for Front Office Visits

Starting August 17
7:30am-4pm Mon-Thurs
8:30am-1pm Fri

Upcoming Dates and Deadlines

Monday, August 17
First Day of School for Group A (last names A-J) – FULL DRESS UNIFORMS

Tuesday, August 18
First Day of School for Group B (last names K-Z) – FULL DRESS UNIFORMS

Welcome To The 2020-21 School Year!

Welcome Back Maeser! Get ready for an exciting year to live the Maeser mission and watch the growth that comes from learning together. Before we get started, here are a few reminders for next week:

Before Next Week

Print your student’s schedule or have your student snap a picture so they can bring it with them on the first day of school. We will NOT be printing schedules for students this year OR having an opening assembly. Your student will need a copy of his/her schedule so s/he can go straight to 1st period at 8:00am on Monday/Tuesday.

Not sure where to find your student’s schedule? You can access your student’s schedule from your PowerSchool parent account. We’ve recorded a quick tutorial to help you navigate your parent account: Using PowerSchool: The Student & Parent Portal.

Returning students can also access their schedules inside their PowerSchool student account. (New students will receive their PowerSchool account access during the first week of school.)

There’s An App For That…

Did you know you can access PowerSchool on your phone? The FREE PowerSchool mobile app gives you access to real-time information on grades, attendance, assignments, scores, and comments; you can also register to receive immediate alerts specific to your child! The mobile app is available for both Apple and Android devices and can be used with parent or student logins. Maeser’s district code is PHPQ.

Download on the Apple App Store

Get it on Google Play

The First Day of School

Group A (last names A-J) begins Monday, August 17th at 8:00am. Full dress uniforms required. Print your schedule before you arrive or snap a picture so you have it. We will NOT be printing schedules for students this year OR having an opening assembly. Go directly to 1st period – the late bell rings at 8:00am.

Group A attends Monday and Wednesday on campus, with Tuesday/Thursday being online. Friday is advisory day and by appointment with teacher or testing center.

Group B (last names K-Z) begins Tuesday, August 18th at 8:00am. Full dress uniforms required. Print your schedule before you arrive or snap a picture so you have it. We will NOT be printing schedules for students this year OR having an opening assembly. Go directly to 1st period – the late bell rings at 8:00am.

Group B attends Tuesday and Thursday on campus, with Monday/Wednesday being online. Friday is advisory day and by appointment with teacher or testing center.

Face Masks Required

When on campus, face masks are required for all, even if you have a face shield. You may wear a face shield in addition to appropriate and approved masks but not instead of.

Lunch Procedures

The cafeteria is CLOSED. Microwaves are no longer available in the cafeteria and we will not have outside vendors available to sell food on campus. Bring your own brown bag lunch.

There will be a few classrooms that will be available to eat lunch in that have microwave access, but only 10 students max are allowed in designated classrooms for safety purposes. Outside areas can be used. High school students can still leave campus during lunch; however, for middle school students it is still a closed campus and they must not leave, even to walk down to gas station.

Lockers Not Available

No lockers will be issued at this time to avoid the congregation in the hallways.

Last Day for Schedule Changes: Friday, August 21

Schedule changes end on Friday, August 21st. Please use the electronic class change request form (see “Fall Class Schedules” below) to request changes. Many sections are full and fully balanced, so if a student currently has a full schedule it may not be possible to change schedules.

Carpool Procedures

Please pick-up students promptly at 3:30 pm.

  • Pull around to the north side of the building for drop off/pick-up. Keep the line moving. There are two lanes. With only 1/2 the students on campus at one time, carpool wait times should be minimal.
  • Remember: turn-outs to 1600 N or 1200 W are always right to keep flow going.
  • We have been asked to be good citizens and NOT use the church building for drop-off or pick-up.

Front Office Visits

To ensure the health and safety of our students and staff, we have new procedures for visits to the front office, including:

  • Checking Students Out
  • Checking Students In
  • Item Drop-off
  • Visiting the School
  • Making Payments

Please take a moment ASAP to review our NEW Pandemic Instructions for Front Office Visits prior to coming in to the school.

Parent Handbook

We have updated our Parent Handbook with all the information you’ll need to help your students navigate this school year. You can access it here: 2020-21 Maeser Parent Handbook

Updated School Calendar

We have updated our school calendar to reflect our new schedule for this school year. You can access this year’s updated calendar here: 2020-21 School Calendar.

Fall Class Schedules

The PowerSchool parent and student portals are now open for you to view your students’ schedules.

Schedule Changes

All schedule changes will be handled online using a Google form this year.
For information on using the form please watch the short instructional video linked below.

Schedule Change Instructional Video:

Middle School Schedule Change Request Form:
High School Schedule Change Request Form:

To help you determine what your student needs to take this year to stay on track for graduation, please refer to the Master Schedule and Course Credits documents linked below.

Link to Master Schedule:

Course Credits 20-21:

Class Supply Lists

Ready to take advantage of the back-to-school sales on school supplies? You can access the most up-to-date class supply lists here: 20-21 Class Supply Lists

Making Payments

We highly encourage payments be made by credit/debit cards. Of course cash or check will still be accepted. The following are payment options in order of our preference:

  • Pay with a credit card/debit card online OR over the phone by calling the front office
  • Mail a check to the school
  • Pay with a credit/debit card in the front office
  • Pay with cash or check in the front office

If none of these options work for you, please contact the finance office at

Help Us Stay In Touch!

Opt In For School Text Messages

Our school utilizes the SchoolMessenger system to deliver text messages to your mobile phone with important information about events, school closings, safety alerts, student fees, and more. We will only use text messaging for urgent and important information.

You can participate in this service by sending a text message of “Y” or “Yes” to our school’s short code number, 67587. You can also opt out of text messages at any time by simply replying to one of our messages with “Stop”.

Thank you for helping us keep in contact with your family!

Update Your Contact Information

If any of your contact information has changed – email address, mailing address, phone number – please let us know so we can stay in touch with your family.

Sports Announcements

Sports/Academic Eligibility

Eligibility for fall sports/activities will be based on 4th term grades for all grade levels. Students must have passed all classes with no Fs/NGs. In addition, high school students cannot have any Fs/NGs/Incompletes from previous high school terms. When the 2nd term begins, the school will return to the original policy of eligibility being based on students earning a 2.7 GPA.

Middle School Cross Country

7th and 8th graders who want to run on the middle school cross country team must sign up for the MS Cross Country class that is offered 4th period. This class counts as a student’s elective.

Middle School Baseball

We are happy to announce a middle school baseball team. We will be practicing this fall with a few scrimmages against other new/beginner teams with a goal to prepare our student-athletes for high school baseball.

We will practice roughly twice a week, most likely on Friday after school and Saturday morning. Still to be determined.

Our team has a mixture of very experienced baseball players as well as beginners. We plan to make it a fun and positive experience for all the kids.

If you are interested, please email Erik Gulbrandsen at to find out more information.

Ultimate Frisbee Fall 2020 Season

We’re excited to announce the upcoming Ultimate Frisbee Fall 2020 season. The season goes from September to mid-November. Practices will be held after school from 4:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. All students of all grades are invited to play. Ultimate Frisbee is a fun, friendly, competitive, non-contact, co-ed sport. For more information, e-mail

Maeser School Uniform Policy and Dress Code

We encourage ALL parents and students to review our Uniform Policy and Dress Code to learn why we wear uniforms at Maeser and to understand the dress code.

Due to the current circumstances Maeser will not be accepting Used Uniform donations at this time. We will also not be holding the bi-annual Used Uniform Exchange in August. This year, we encourage you to find family, friends, or neighbors to exchange uniforms with. You may also exchange uniforms on our Facebook uniform exchange page: Karl G Maeser Student to Student Uniform Swap.

Questions about uniforms? Please contact Ana Wiersdorf:

Where to Buy New Uniforms

**NOTE: Lands’ End is the ONLY vendor that sells new blazers with the Maeser logo.**

Lands’ End

*Sign up for sale notifications at — click on “Shop By School” and then scroll down to “By School Address” to search by school name and state.
**Face masks with the Maeser Logo will be available for purchase starting in July!**

You may purchase the following uniform items at

  • Logo polos for Middle School and High School
  • Pants: girls and boys
  • Skirts: navy, khaki, and plaid
  • Navy High School blazer with Maeser logo
  • Red Middle School v-neck sweaters
  • Dress shirts
  • Outerwear, fleece jackets and vests with Maeser logo

How to measure your student for Lands’ End uniforms:

Dennis Uniforms

You may purchase the following uniform items at Dennis Uniforms in person at the Salt Lake City store or online at

  • Skirts: navy, khaki, and plaid
  • Pants: girls and boys
  • Dress shirts
  • Logo polos for Middle School and High School
  • Red Middle School cardigan with Maeser logo

Timpanogos Embroidery

Only place to purchase new Maeser hoodies.
Shop online at

Please Note…

  1. Both the Lands’ End red v-neck sweater AND the Dennis Uniform red cardigan are approved for middle school dress uniform. You get to choose which style you prefer.
  2. The light yellow (Lands’ End) and the gold (Dennis Uniform) polo for middle school students are approved. You choose which color you prefer.
  3. Uniform pants can be purchased anywhere. They MUST navy or khaki and “slack style” pants. NO joggers, outside pockets, or leggings (leggings can be worn by girls for extra warmth under skirts. Leggings may NOT be worn as uniform pants).
  4. Polos, sweaters, and hoodies all require the Maeser logo. They can be purchased used from other students or through the Karl G Maeser Student to Student Uniform Swap, or new at Lands’ End or Dennis Uniform.
  5. PE uniforms can be purchased from the PE coaches once school starts. Cost for PE uniforms is around $26 for one t-shirt and 1 pair of shorts. All incoming 7th graders will receive one free PE uniform.

Lands’ End 20% Off Sale + 50% Off Backpacks (now through August 28)

Lands’ End will be offering 20% off school uniforms (no code or PIN required) and 50% off backpacks (use code: BACKPACK and PIN: 7420) through August 28! Shop this sale online at