Maeser Updates: Winterim & MSI Special Edition

Winterim & Middle School Intensives: January 3-20

Winterim is a distinctive program and feature of Karl G. Maeser Preparatory Academy.  Winterim (high school) and Middle School Intensives (MSI) enhance student learning by providing intensive, focused educational experiences and are a great opportunity for students and teachers to explore together subjects that wouldn’t fit into a normal school routine. Exploration, hands-on learning, in-depth study, and fun combine to give students a unique opportunity to explore new interests.

Students will be on campus Monday through Friday from 9am-2pm, and will have the opportunity to explore new interests and grow in ways that are different from the regular classroom. Regular uniforms are worn during Winterim & Middle School Intensives.

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While Winterim is a fun and different approach to learning, courses are still rigorous and students earn academic credit. In some cases, a Winterim course may be more challenging than a regular class. Because of this, combined with the shortened time period of Winterim, attendance is crucial. Students who miss class during Winterim will find it difficult to keep up. Winterfest is a valuable part of the Winterim experience, and Winterfest projects, presentations, and attendance are part of the Winterim grade. 

Most Winterim teachers will be holding meetings with their Winterim students this Friday, December 3.

Teachers should be reaching out to your high school students this week to let them know when and where their scheduled Winterim meeting will be held.

Middle School Intensives

Middle School Intensives (MSI) takes place at the same time as Winterim. Students take a break from their normal classes and take specialized classes that are designed and taught by our staff. Students also take part in two or three field trips. School times for MSI are from 9am-2pm

Schedules for MSI will be distributed to middle school students during Finals Week (December 13-17).

Your middle school student will also be bringing home permission slips for the MSI field trips.


Winterfest is an opportunity for students to showcase their learning to their fellow students, parents, and the broader community. At Winterfest, our high school students present the final product of their learning to the community. For example, they may perform a short reading from the novel they’ve been writing, demonstrate a new skill they’ve developed, or show off something they have created.

This year’s Winterfest will be held on Thursday, January 20 from 4:30-7:00pm.

Mark your calendars and plan to attend with your family to celebrate our students’ Winterim accomplishments!

Winterfest is mandatory for all HS students as part of the learning experience of Winterim. Middle school students are highly encouraged to attend. All students must be in Full Dress Uniforms for Winterfest.