Maeser Updates: 14 May 2021

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Final Exams Start This Friday, Textbook Returns, Yearbook Distribution, High School Shakespeare Team Auditions, Summer School (Credit Recovery, Credit Ahead), Volunteer Opportunities (Maeser Counseling Department, Don’t Forget to Report Your Hours), Sports Announcements (Sports Academic Eligibility), Counseling Announcements (Family Mental Health Night, Juniors Interested in Senior-Year Internships, Miss Krystal’s Counseling Corner Podcast, Ms. Sorenson’s Middle School Podcast, Help Us Stay In Touch + Opt In For School Text Messages

Front Office Hours This Week

>>Procedures for Front Office Visits<<

7:30am-4:00pm Mon-Thurs
7:30am-1:00pm Fri

Wednesday, May 19
Senior Last Lectures

Thursday, May 20
Review Day

Friday, May 21
8am-12:30pm Finals in periods 1 & 3 — PLEASE NOTE: Friday is a school day this week!

Monday, May 24
8am-12:30pm Finals in periods 2 & 4

Tuesday, May 25
8am-12:30pm Finals in periods 5 & 7

Wednesday, May 26
8am-12:30pm Finals in periods 6 & 8

Thursday, May 27
9:30am-12:30pm Yearbook Distribution
8:30pm Graduation

Friday, May 28
9am-2pm HS Shakespeare Team Auditions

REMINDER: Final Exams Start This Friday!

Please be aware that this FRIDAY, May 21 is the beginning of FINALS. Please plan accordingly!

The schedule for each day of Finals is 8:00am to 12:30pm, with a 30-minute break between Finals (from 10:00-10:30am):

  • Friday, May 21: Periods 1 & 3
  • Monday, May 24: Periods 2 & 4
  • Tuesday, May 25: Periods 5 & 7
  • Wednesday, May 26: Periods 6 & 8

Textbook Returns

Please be aware that teachers will be gathering textbooks back before or during finals. Students who do not return a book that was assigned to them will be charged for a replacement. There is a two-day grace period after finals (May 27 & 28) to return the book(s) and have the charge(s) removed. After the grace period, your student may no longer return the book(s)–they are theirs to keep–and the charge(s) will remain on your student’s account for next school year (if they are graduating, the balance will be moved to a sibling’s account or sent to collections).

Yearbook Distribution

Thursday, May 27th from 9:30am-12:30pm will be yearbook distribution. The Print Communication team will be in charge of this activity and it will be on the track and soccer field. Bring sunscreen, a blanket and a pen to have your yearbook signed by your friends! This is an optional activity, as this is teacher workday, and will be held outside.

High School Shakespeare Team Auditions

Auditions for the Fall 2021 High School Shakespeare Team will be Friday, May 28th from 9am-2pm. Students who will be in 9th-12th grades in 2021-22 may sign up outside the Drama Room for a 10-minute slot.

You will need to prepare a 1-minute Shakespeare monologue, memorize and rehearse, then deliver it at your audition with diction, volume, and intention! See Mr. Hults with any questions.

Summer School

Credit Recovery

Credit Recovery will be held June 7th – June 25th in two sessions:

  • June 7-18: $125
  • June 14-25: $125

The cost for both sessions (June 7-25) is $200; this is recommended for students who have more than one course to complete for remediation.

Students should attend in person daily from 9am-12pm until they have completed their remediation.

Parents received invitation letters this week for their students who need credit recovery in summer school. Once grades are finalized for 4th Term, additional invitations will be sent for registration and attendance to appropriate individuals.

You can register your student for credit recovery by clicking here: Summer School Registration 2021

Credit Ahead

Maeser Summer School credit ahead courses are only available with counselor approval for students with a specific need documented in their CCR plans. Credit ahead courses are offered through Maeser/BYU online. Students will need to meet with Mrs. Anderson to discuss what classes they would like to take and to ensure there is a reason and plan for taking the credit ahead. Each course costs $60, and provides 0.5 credits. Deadline to register is May 28th. The only classes we will be offering are the following:

  • Geography
  • US Govt
  • Financial Literacy
  • Fit for Life
  • Jogging
  • Health

Interested students should email Mrs. Anderson to make an appointment or they may stop in during school hours if Mrs. Anderson is available.

Registration begins now through May 28th. Students will have from June 1st through July 27th to complete all the coursework including the proctored final that will be scheduled with Mrs. Sorenson (the counselor who will be running summer Maeser Online).

Please email Mrs. Anderson with any questions.

Volunteer Opportunities

Maeser Counseling Donations

Maeser Counseling needs some donations for student programs. Please check out the sign-up sheet and donate if you can: Counseling Department Donations

Don’t Forget to Report Your Hours!

Report your volunteer hours once you’ve dropped off your donation: Report Parent Service Hours. Each $5 spent for donations counts as one hour of volunteer service!

Sports Announcements

Sports Academic Eligibility for FALL Sports

Eligibility for participation in any sports/activities during the 1st term of the 2021-2022 school year will be based on 4th term grades. Students (7th-12th) must earn a 2.7 GPA with no Fs/NGs. In addition, high school students cannot have any Fs/NGs/Incompletes from previous high school terms. If the F/NG/Incomplete is made up by the beginning of the sports season they will be able to participate.

Counseling Announcements

Family Mental Health Night

This might be the most important event of the year for all parents! Support your child’s mental health and wellness by joining us for an informative online event for parents and educators on Wednesday, May 19 at 7:00pm. Ask questions of leading family therapists and take advantage of a free resource to help parents with important topics such as identifying anxiety, depression, grief, suicide ideation and parenting with purpose.

Register here: Family Mental Health Night Registration.

Juniors Interested in Senior-Year Internships

All 11th grade students planning on doing an internship next year will need to sign up for the summer online Career Apprenticeship class. The cost will be $100. Once you pay for the class, you will be signed up to take the online portion of the course; after you finish and pass the online portion you will be awarded .50 CTE credit. You will have until from June 1 to July 27 to complete the course, including the proctored final.

You will be the second class of students to participate in this internship program. Over the summer you will need to find an internship site on your own. Mrs. Anderson is happy to help and will work with students as needed, but a lot of the ground work will be your responsibility. More clarification as to what an appropriate internship site would look like will be sent once you have signed up.

If you plan to participate in the internship program next year:

  1. Meet with Mrs. Anderson to get the enrollment form.
  2. Have parents sign the form then take it to the front office to pay the fee.
  3. Once Mrs. Anderson has been notified that the payment has been received she will enroll you in the online portion of the course. You will have until July 27th to complete the course, including the proctored final.

We are excited to begin this journey with many of you! This is an opportunity for you to grow personally and experience something that could lead to your future career.

Miss Krystal’s Counseling Corner Podcast

THIS WEEK: Emotional Agility

Students can listen and email Mrs. Anderson a main point from the podcast to be entered into a weekly drawing. Drawings will take place on Mondays or Tuesdays.

Ms. Sorenson’s Middle School Podcast

THIS WEEK: Just Keep Swimming

Also, take on the challenge by Ms. Sorenson as we all get to know each other and get candy in the process!

Help Us Stay In Touch!

Not getting our emails, phone or text messages? Here’s how to make sure you’re getting all of our important announcements and information:

Opt In For School Text Messages

Our school utilizes the SchoolMessenger system to deliver text messages to your mobile phone with important information about events, school closings, safety alerts, student fees, and more. We will only use text messaging for urgent and important information.

You can participate in this service by sending a text message of “Y” or “Yes” to our school’s short code number, 67587. You can also opt out of text messages at any time by simply replying to one of our messages with “Stop”.

Thank you for helping us keep in contact with your family!

Update Your Contact Information

If any of your contact information has changed – email address, mailing address, phone number – please let us know so we can stay in touch with your family.