Maeser Updates: 11 January 2019

In this edition: Winterim Announcements (Attendance, Winterfest, Used Uniform Sale), Student Pianist Needed for Semester 2, Lands’ End Free Logo Sale

Upcoming Dates and Deadlines

Front Office Hours During Winterim/MSI
8:30am-2:30pm Monday-Friday

January 2-19: Winterim & Middle School Intensives
BELL SCHEDULE: Winterim and MSI classes are in session from 9:00am to 2:00pm every day (including Fridays). Lunch is from 11:15-11:45am daily.
DRESS: Regular Maeser uniforms are required during Winterim/MSI. Full Dress uniforms are not required except when specified by your student’s teacher(s).

Saturday, January 19: Winterfest
11am-1pm Winterfest
11am-1pm Used Uniform Sale

Monday, January 21
Martin Luther King, Jr. Day – NO SCHOOL

Tuesday, January 22
Start of Semester 2

January 22-24
4-6pm Auditions for Fiddler on the Roof (HS and MS)

Winterim Announcements

Winterim/MSI Attendance

Due to the nature of Winterim and the shortened term, Winterim attendance is MANDATORY. No vacations or special requests are granted during this term. Winterim is part of Maeser’s graduation requirements and thus if failed, will have to be made up with a 60 hour project approved by Administration.

Our NG policy remains in effect during the Winterim term: a combination of more than six tardies and/or excused absences results in an NG for Winterim or MSI. PLEASE NOTE: Attendance for Winterim and MSI is taken twice each day, for the morning and afternoon periods. This means that when students miss a full day, they accrue two absences for their Winterim class.

Students who are absent during Winterim also miss a significant amount of class material each day, which can quickly result in students falling behind and struggling to get caught up. We appreciate your efforts to have your student in class and on time during the Winterim term to set them up for success!

Winterfest: Saturday, January 19

Our annual Winterfest celebration is on Saturday, January 19! Students should plan to arrive at 8:00am to set up their Winterfest projects. Winterfest will start at 11:00am and run until approximately 1:00pm. Mark your calendars and plan to attend with your family to celebrate our students’ Winterim accomplishments!

Winterfest is mandatory for all HS students as part of the learning experience of Winterim. Middle school students are highly encouraged to attend. All students must be in Full Dress Uniforms.

8-10am Student project set-up
10-11am Gradingno students or parents on campus during grading
11am-1pm Winterfestplease plan to attend with your family!
Time TBA Used Uniform Sale

Winterfest Used Uniform Sale

Date: Saturday, January 19, 2019
Time: 11am-1pm
Place: Maeser Library
Invited: All Maeser families are invited!

Purpose: To help our students and families, we are pleased to hold a used school uniform sale that will include gently worn clothing. This sale is an opportunity to allow parents to resell their students uniforms, and for parents to purchase needed uniforms in good condition at a low cost.

To VOLUNTEER: Volunteer help is needed! Sign up on SignUpGenius here: Volunteer Help for Winterfest Used Uniform Sale.

To PURCHASE: The Used Uniform Sale is CASH ONLY — bring lots of small bills (ex. $1 and $5).

To SELL used uniform items: Drop off labeled items to the Library at 9 am – 10:45 am on Sat Jan 20 and sign the waiver.

PICK UP money and unsold clothing: 1:15-1:45pm in the Library

How to SELL & LABEL your used uniforms: All items must be laundered and have no holes, tears or stains. Label each item by safety pinning an envelope to each item. Each envelope needs your first and last name, gender and size of clothing item (ex. Women’s Small), and sale price written on each envelope. When your item is sold the money will go inside the envelope for you to pick up at the end of the sale (1:15-1:45pm).

WAIVER: To be able to sell your used uniform clothing, you must sign a waiver at the time you drop off your labeled clothing agreeing to the terms of the sale, indicating release of liability of Maeser and volunteers running the sale, acknowledgement to pick up donated items/money within a half hour of the sale ending or they will be considered donations to the school, the name(s) of those who will be allowed to pick up items/money at the end of the sale (a driver’s license will be required).

Important note: Due to liability and school regulations, envelopes with cash in them from your sold uniforms and any unsold uniform clothing items must be picked up at the end of the uniform sale (1:15pm) with a PHOTO ID.

Pick up or Donate: If you want your unsold uniforms back, you must come to the end of the sale to reclaim them. Envelopes with cash and uniform items that are not picked up at the end of the sale will be considered a donation to the school. Maeser will use the clothing and money to benefit the students at Maeser.

Suggested guideline for pricing:
Polo shirts: $3-$5
Dress shirts: $3-$5
Cardigans: $10
Shorts: $3-$5
Pants: $3-$5
Skirts: $5-$8
PE clothing: $2-$5
Ties: $5
Blazers: $25
Embroidered Sweater $10
Sweatshirts: $10
Hooded Jackets: $10 – $15

Student Pianist Needed for Semester 2!

Our Choir Director is looking for student pianists who would like to earn a fine arts credit as an accompanist this semester. She is in need of at least two students–one for 3rd period and one for 4th! If your student is interested, please email Mrs. Groves at!

Lands’ End FREE LOGO Sale

Lands’ End is running their popular FREE LOGO sale now through January 27! This is a great time to pick up polos and get our logo applied for free. Use promo code SCHOOLFL and PIN 2256 at checkout.