Maeser Updates: 24 August 2018

In this edition: 2018 Summer Reading, Mentoring Opportunities, 2018-19 ACT Prep Course, Prevent Child Abuse Utah, Carpool Rules & Etiquette, Speech and Debate, Co-ed Ultimate Frisbee

Upcoming Dates and Deadlines

Front Office Hours
7:30am-4:00pm Monday-Thursday
7:30am-1:30pm Friday

2018 Summer Reading

Students can now report their summer reading! Please click the link and fill out the form for which books you read over the summer: 2018 Summer Reading. Indicate which grade you are in and whether you read the community book, Fahrenheit 451. Then, complete only the section for the grade you are currently in.

Mentoring Opportunities

Powerful and meaningful relationships between students and their teachers are a significant part of what makes Maeser a great school. We encourage students to seek out teachers as mentors that they can learn from and grow with. In order to foster these mentoring relationships, we have adjusted our school schedule on Fridays. Every Friday, school will be out at 12:00, but from 12:00-1:00pm teachers will be providing engaging and unique activities for students to participate in. We would like to encourage students to stay at school on Fridays for these activities.

These mentoring opportunities are as varied as our students and faculty. There are teachers planning music jam sessions, origami, learning to code, dispensing life advice, playing Dungeons and Dragons, creating art, singing to residents of nearby retirement homes, and many others. You can see a calendar of these different mentoring opportunities on the school website, or by clicking here: Mentoring Opportunities

We hope this new approach to mentoring provides your student with an opportunity to get to know a teacher even better, and develop a relationship that will last throughout their time here at Maeser, and even beyond. Thanks for all you do to support Maeser’s mission!

2018-19 ACT Prep Courses

Sophomores: EARLY Bird sign up is now open for our FREE ACT Prep Course. (Thanks, Trustlands!) Sign up at the front desk for one session before the course is opened to the general student population.

Session 1: November 1st, 8th, and 15th
Session 2: March 14th, 21st, ann 28th
Session 3: April 25th, May 2nd and 9th

Prevent Child Abuse Utah

PARENTS: Help us keep our kids safe! Prevent Child Abuse Utah offers a Free Online Course for Parents We are required to offer this training to parents/students each year. Many of you requested an online version in lieu of a community meeting — you asked, we deliver!

Carpool Rules & Etiquette

Enter: 1600 North OR 1200 West
Exit: 1200 West ONLY

Student drivers: Use the 1200 West entrance for easiest access to the student parking lot!

Please do NOT stop in the front of the Maeser building. We understand you must line up there during carpool times, but PULL FORWARD as soon as there is space.

The school building opens at 7:00am. Carpool lanes are wide open between 7:00-7:40am. Avoid the rush and come early.

Pick-up: Give your student at least 5 minutes after school, as they always stop and chat with teachers and friends before leaving. Carpool clears out about 3:40pm. Avoid the line and come 10 minutes later.

DO encourage your student to come right out to your carpool as soon as possible!

Do NOT park at church parking lot and wait for carpool. We’ve been asked to avoid this at all times.

Students: do NOT park at the church parking lot. There is plenty of parking at Maeser for our drivers. The Church does NOT want the liability and will be towing cars this year.

You do not need to merge the two lanes of carpool traffic in the north parking lot. Merge as you go around the corner to exit.

PLEASE have your students come down to the crosswalk to enter the Maeser building for their safety. Walking through carpool lanes is not safe. We’ve had several near misses in the past and we want to avoid those at all costs. We care about your student’s safety!

Speech and Debate

Thank you to the parents and students who helped make last week’s Advanced Debate camp a success! We had 10 students who participated.

We still welcome any student (MS or HS) who is interested to join! The after-school Speech and Debate activity class will start on August 27 and will be held every Monday and Wednesday after school until 4:30 pm throughout the school year. The Debate fee for high school students is $150 and the fee for middle school students is $100. Interested students have the opportunity to learn speech and debate events included in the Utah Debate Coaches Association (UDCA) and National Speech and Debate Association(NSDA), including Lincoln Douglas Debate, Public Forum Debate, Congress, Declamation, Extemp, Impromptu, Oratory, Poetry, Duo, Interp, Storytelling, Humorous, and SPAR. Past debaters have found Speech and Debate to be a useful tool in college applications and the Sterling Scholar competition.

Also, we invite all interested students to participate in the Maeser Debate’s continued tradition of the International Public Policy Forum (IPPF). IPPF is the first and only competition that gives high school students around the world the opportunity to engage in written and oral debates on issues of public policy. Sponsored by the Brewer Foundation and New York University, this international contest is open to all schools – public and private – for free. High school teams compete for awards and scholarships. The top eight teams earn an all-expenses-paid trip to the IPPF Finals in New York City! The grand prize is $10,000.

For more details or to enroll before the class begins, please email our coaches: (Head Coach) or (Assistant Coach).

Co-ed Ultimate Frisbee

Co-ed Ultimate Frisbee will be starting September 18th. There will be an information meeting for parents on Wednesday, September 5th at 6:00 pm in room 227. Signups are currently open for all who wish to participate. Please contact Mr. Woolley if your student is interested in playing for the Middle School or High School team (