Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Maeser Prep?

Maeser Preparatory Academy is a publicly-funded charter high school enrolling grades 9 – 12.

Q: Where is the school located?

The school is located at 320 W. 600 S. Lindon (off 1600 N Orem).

Q: Is the school accredited?

Yes. During their first three years, all new high schools, public or charter, are considered "provisionally accredited." During the provisional period, Maeser Prep will provide credit and diplomas that are accepted by USOE and NAAS based upon the expectation that full accreditation will be granted through those organizations. Practically speaking, Maeser Prep will provide credit equal to any other local high school beginning its first year.

Q: What is the school schedule?

School starts at 7:30 am and ends at 3:10 pm in the high school. The middle school ends at 2:15 with optional after-school programs ending at 3:10.

Q: How do I enroll my child?

Click here for enrollment information.

Q: How many students will be enrolled at Maeser Prep?

For the 2011 - 2012 school year, we have 625 students registered. There are many more on the wait list!

Q: What curriculum will Maeser Prep use?

Click here to download the Maeser Prep High School Course Catalog and here for the Middle School Course Catalog.

Socratic Seminar is History and English combined in a two-hour seminar where teachers impliment the Paidea Model of the Socratic Method.

Math and physics use the widely acclaimed Saxon Math program, and the school offers AP Calculus.

Our current AP course offerings include AP Calculus AB, AP Calculus BC, AP Statistics, AP Biology, AP Chemistry, AP US Government, AP Music Theory, AP Environmental Science, AP English, AP US History and AP Spanish for 11th and 12th graders.

As part of its curriculum, Maeser Prep has implemented a unique Winterim seminar. This is a three to four week course of study (held each January) devoted to a single subject matter of each students' choosing.

Q: What are some of the policies at Maeser Prep?

Discipline Policy
Homework Policy
Uniform Policy
Eligibility Policy
Restricted Items Policy

Q: What is Winterim?

Winterim is a unique three to four week seminar scheduled between the first and second semesters immediately following Christmas Vacation. During Winterim, regular classes are suspended and each student chooses his unique pursuit of interest from offerings including intensive on-campus courses, educational travel, independent study, apprenticeship, or service opportunities. Each student will be required to submit his project idea, which will be reviewed by his Winterim advisor to determine if it is a meaningful project.

During Winterim, each student working on an independent project is required to keep a journal to document his time spent on the project, and will be required to meet objective standards to complete it. He or she will be in touch with a advisor throughout the process for accountability purposes. Each student will receive a grade, a transcript comment, and 1/2 credit for each year of satisfactory participation. For students not wishing to create an independent project, several on-campus options will be available during regular school hours. After the Winterim period, there will be a festival where all the students will showcase the work they have done during that period.

Typical Winterim courses might include:

Medical Forensics
Create, Cook, Consume: A Total Culinary Experience
Stocks, Bonds & Venture Capital: Investing
Plagues and Viruses
The Play’s the Thing (Study & Production of Shakespeare)
Whatever you can imagine!

For information about Winterim (as implemented at Maumee Valley Country Day School), see:

Q: What sports will be offered?

Soccer, Cross Country, Volleyball, Flag Football, Basketball, Golf, and Track.

If you know of additional opportunities for clubs in other sports, or if you are willing to put your volunteer hours in as a coach, please contact Nate Marshall at

Q: How does Maeser Prep hire teachers?

Many schools “recruit” by simply posting a job opening (we do post openings at But because we want the best of the best at Maeser Prep, and we know that takes significant effort, we have gone far above that. We’ve posted our openings in a number of places, but we’ve also recruited at teacher fairs, recruited talented teachers at other schools, contacted BYU and UVU faculty members for referrals, and generally beat the bushes for teachers who are known for excellence.

We’ve interviewed extensively, sometimes multiple times, grilled candidates’ references, checked them out on, evaluated their writing samples, and maybe most importantly, we’ve travelled all over the Wasatch Front to observe and evaluate teachers in their element—the classroom. When that wasn’t possible, we’ve had them teach mock lessons to us in an interview.

Q: How many volunteer hours am I asked to donate?

Parents of students at Maeser Prep commit to support the academic vision of the school and are asked to donate at least 40 hours per year of volunteer time (20 hours per year for single parent families).

Areas you may be asked to volunteer in include: curriculum, athletics programs, music programs, facilities, fundraising or grant writing, technology/graphics design, finance operations, legal counsel, PTO, or any other area in which you may have special skills.

Q: Do students have to wear uniforms?

Yes. Students enrolled in Maeser Prep are required to wear a school uniform as outlined in the school handbook.

Q: Where do we get the uniforms?

Click here to see the list of approved vendors.

Q: How will students get to school each day?

Maeser Prep does not provide transportation for students to or from school. Parents or other responsible drivers are to drop off and pick up students each school day.

Q: Will there be a cafeteria on campus?

Maeser Prep does not provide hot lunch for students. Click here to see available lunch options.

Q: What about LDS Seminary?

Seminary is offered in a Release Time format. It is available eight periods per day.

Q: How do I contact someone if I have questions?

Call the school at 801-235-9000 or email questions to:




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